Marathon “S/T”

Album Reviews | Jul 6th, 2006

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Record Label: Re-Ignition Recordings
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The first thing I noticed with Marathon, wasn’t their music but the album cover artwork. Which is either a rip off of Winston Smith’s (Dead Kennedy’s artwork) montages or a homage to it. But anyway, on to Marathon…They hail from the Bermuda Triangle of Upstate NY (Ithaca, Syracuse, Rochester), and I learned today that those three towns are called Bermuda Triangle. Hmm alrighty then…I was actually digging their music from the start of the CD and surprised that this was their first full-length album. The members make up a bunch of defunct punk/hc bands from the NY area. Marathon sounds like Rise Against mixed in with some Green Day, which isn’t a bad thing at all! I actually like this album a lot, and the album production was really sharp. That might be because the producer of the album was John Naclerio, who has done albums with My Chemical Romance, Matchbook Romance and some other bands with romance in the name. If punk/hardcore is your thing, than Marathon might be worth listening to because I enjoyed their debut album. I was expecting something really cheesey and generic, but this wasn’t the case. Or at least I didn’t think so.

Bottom Line: Good hardcore/punk band from Upstate NY. Sounds like Rise Against.
Notable Tracks: Painting by Numbers, Some Loving Parting Gifts, Closing Time…
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