Mark Bradshaw – “Bright Star”

Album Reviews | Nov 21st, 2009

Record Label: Lakeshore Records
Genre: Film Score
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Bright Star is a movie about English poet John Keats. The movie is based on the last 3 years of Keats’ young life. Keats has a love affair with his next door neighbor Fanny Brawne, but his life ends way too short at the age of 23. Oops, spoiled the movie. I didn’t even knew this movie existed, but it’s now available on DVD as well.

The soundtrack is very short, and is about 23 minutes long. There are 9 tracks in total, with Mark Bradshaw arranging and composing many of the tracks. There is dialogue from the movie over the tracks, which I really can’t stand on soundtracks. Braveheart soundtrack (More Music…) is the exception. There are only 9 short tracks, yet most of them contain poems and dialogue from the movie. Why not branch out a little more and include more music if there are only 9 tracks? The music is beautiful & haunting; it’s a shame whoever put this CD together to make it this way. Just when I’m starting to get into a song, there’s dialogue. It’s really frustrating. If you like people talking over beautiful music, this is for you!

Bottom Line: Note to album producers, DON’T PUT DIALOGUE OVER THE MUSIC! Thanks!
Notable Tracks: Negative Capability, Human Orchestra, Letters
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