Mark Isham “Crash”

Album Reviews | May 6th, 2005

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Record Label: Superb Records/LGF
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One of the best reviewed movies this year, Crash, is a intense and compelling drama that deals with racial prejudices in a post 9/11 Los Angeles. LA is known for being a very diverse city, and with this comes “Crash,” a very multi-cultured score, that goes well along with a film of this type. As if Los Angeles was a melting pot, so is this score which takes many different styles and blends them all onto this disc.

Unfortunately, I have not seen the film yet so I don’t know how well the cues play into the film. I can tell you though, it’s really pleasant to listen to. Crash is more of a new age style score, than the typical Hollywood 2,000 piece orchestra, composer Mark Isham is not new to the soft and distinctive sounds of cinema. If you have heard “A River Runs Through It,” or “October Sky,” than you might get an idea how the score is. Smooth and subtle, Isham provides a film score that is not distracting to the viewer, and at the same time, one can enjoy the music on its own. Two songs are featured on this disc by Bird York and Stereophonics. By including these bands, it also gives an outsider what type of film and music this is.

Bottom Line: Crash, the critically claimed film, features an all star cast, with excellent film cues behind it that are perfect for such a film.
Notable Tracks: …Safe Now, Crash, “Maybe Tomorrow- Stereophonics”
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