Michael A Levine – “Cold Case”

Album Reviews | Apr 20th, 2009

Image used with permission for review purposes.

Record Label: Lakeshore Records
Genre: TV Score
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Cold Case is a police TV series that is set in Philly and airs on CBS. Each episode shows us a flashback to a crime (usually a murder) taking place. Then the department investigates the crime, which is considered a “cold case” because it’s been swept under the rug so to speak. So the team investigates old cases that have never been resolved. I haven’t seen the show, and probably won’t just because there’s so many cop shows out there. They all seem to sound the same to me. Although, this does have an interesting storyline, but it’s kind of hard to get into a show that’s already in its 6th season.

The theme to Cold Case is part of the ES Posthumous song “Nara.” Of course, they don’t include that on here. Probably has something to do with music rights, blah blah blah. The TV score is composed by Michael A Levine, who’s composed lots of additional music to movies like The Simpsons Movie, Shrek 2, Bee Movie and others. The score was a good listen, but I have a feeling I would have liked this better if I actually watched the show. You have a lot of different styles of music for Cold Case, but the general motifs are moody, dramatic and slow. Music builds up in volume as the song goes along like for the track “The Professor.” Other tracks are just quiet pieces, usually being played on the piano. I thought the score was okay, but like I said; would have been a better listening experience if I was a fan of the show.

Bottom Line: You like Cold Case? Then you’ll like the score!
Notable Tracks: Park, The Professor
Overall Rating:


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