Millencolin “Kingwood”

Album Reviews | Mar 30th, 2005

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Record Label: Epitaph/ Burning Heart
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I actually haven’t really listened too much Millencolin until bassist/vocalist Nikola released his solo album last year. I think my brother reviewed Millencolin the times we got their CDs for review. I never had any desire to start listening to them for some strange reason. I probably thought they sounded something different and never actually checked out their music. BUT now I like Millencolin! This is their newest album called “Kingwood” on Epitaph and it features fast punk rock with some enjoyable tunes…Actually, the entire album is enjoyable.

Some people I know hated Nikola’s solo album but I love it. Just felt it was something different than what I normally listen to. It’s not original though. This CD has a lot of great songs, like the ones I listed below. I think the song “Shut You Out” seems like something Nikola would use on his solo album. Just seems like his style. Another cool thing about “Kingwood” Cd is it’s enhanced. Pop this bad boy into your computer and watch an HOUR long video of the making of this album. That’s pretty freakin’ sweet for a normal CD. Usually you find that sort of thing on DVDs but more and more CDs are coming out with videos on it. I think it’s a good idea because it entices people to buy the CDs instead of download them. But the videos were recorded for their website and now it’s spliced together for a long movie.

Millencolin fans won’t be disappointed with “Kingwood” because it’s probably one of their stronger albums. Kids into punk will love this as well.

Bottom Line: Great album from Millencolin. Get this!
Notable Tracks: Birdie, Cash or Clash, Shut You Out, Ray, Stalemate
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