Mucky Pup – “A Boy in a Man’s World / Now” (Reissue)

Album Reviews | Sep 21st, 2009

Record Label: I Scream Records
Genre: Thrash Metal
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Mucky Pup’s classic albums “A Boy in a Man’s World” (1989) and “Now” (1990) are now re-mastered and re-issued thanks to I Scream Records. As a fan of Mucky Pup growing up, I couldn’t wait to put these albums on again.

There are 29 tracks in total, all for the price of one. The band is celebrating their 20th anniversary now and just finished up a big European tour. “A Boy in a Man’s World” starts off with my favorite Mucky Pup song “U Stink.” Having a guy puke on his girlfriend just is hilarious and sums up the band perfectly. After that song, “Little Pigs” song is a favorite of mine. I remember when Green Jelly(o) came out with that Three Little Pigs song, it sounded awfully familiar. Maybe it was just coincidence? “Reagan Knew” is a good song too, just a tad outdated now. “Now” starts off with the song “Hippies Hate Water.” My friend Frank and I used to write that on the walls at our college…since ya know, there was a lot of annoying art hippies there. As far as the rest of “Now” is concerned, I don’t like that album as much as “A Boy in a Man’s World.”

When I was in my thrash metal phase, listening to Exploited, DRI, Gwar, Murphy’s Law, you name it; I ended up listening to a lot of Mucky Pup for some reason. I guess I just like the goofy songs about Batman, whasky wabbits and stinky girlfriends. This re-issued CD brings back lots of memories.

Bottom Line: A Boy in a Man’s World is classic. Now, not so much.
Notable Tracks: U-Stink, Batman, Reagan Knew, Landscrapers, Little Pigs, Whasky Wabbit, Hippies Hate Water
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