Murder Majesty – “Start From Scratch”

Album Reviews | Feb 21st, 2010

Record Label: Unable Records
Genre: Ska Punk
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While ska punk is a welcome anomaly these days, sounding like a typical high school skapunk band from the 90s won’t exactly usher in the fourth wave.

Murder Majesty is not terrible – they have youthful, driving energy, whoa-oh choruses, and off-key vocals that will have some people nostalgically remember early Suicide Machines and LTJ. (It will make the rest of us cringe, though.)

But overall, their sound is just too reminiscent of 1997 mediocrity. The ska section is a single squeaky trumpet and the horn lines largely feel tacked-on. Most of the ska “rhythm” is interchangeable breakdowns of up-picked guitar. It’s hard to tell if the “ska” stuff helps or hurts them.

On the plus side, the basslines are good, songs are short, and some of the non-ska guitar work shows a little flair. Perhaps some time in the oven and a deeper exploration of ska would help develop their sound.

Bottom Line: Blast from a not-so-great past.
Notable Tracks: Troublebound, Poverty Isn’t So Bad
Overall Rating:


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