Mystery Of Two – “S/T”

Album Reviews | Oct 26th, 2009

Record Label: Exit Stencil
Genre: Indie
Band Link:

Musically better than their debut, Mystery of Two are still marred by stupid vocals. In fact, because the music is cohesive – and downright poppy and pleasant! – the garbled, half-spoken vocals sound even more jarring and irritating on this record. This album is like trying to enjoy a fun, sunny day at the park while a drunken David Byrne and David Thomas throw rocks at your head.

Experimental is fine and all, but I feel like this band wants to move on and craft some great indie pop songs but is held back by a need to be “weird.” Get over it, guys, and rock out. You can be different simply by being good.

Bottom Line: Finally, great music. Now get a real singer.
Overall Rating:


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