Naglfar “Harvest”

Album Reviews | Apr 22nd, 2007

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Record Label: Century Media
Genre: Black Metal
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Listening to emo and emocore makes me appreciate black metal a whole lot more. Because I know a band like Naglfar could simply fart and the mach 3 centrifugal force would shred the skin right off of any Hawthorne Heights or My Chemical Romance member.

Naglfar don’t drip unspeakable evil or play at breakneck speed – they have the right amount of tempo, brooding production, metal guitars, and growly vocals, the combination of which make you imagine flying barechested on a blood-red dragon while fire rains down. But in a cool way.

Once you get past the black metalness of it all, you’ll be surprised at how melodic they are. “The Mirrors Of My Soul” has such an awesome groove, you’d lop off the heads of a hundred orcs just to hear it again. “Way Of The Rope” turns it up a notch, but showcases the band’s speedy precision. “Plutonium Reveries” and “Feeding Moloch” have a more symphonic feel to them, plus they have cool names.

If you like black metal – and c’mon, who doesn’t? – you’ll dig Naglfar. And if you prefer Victory-style metalcore, Naglfar will eat you.

Bottom Line: Kick-ass metal that won’t make your head explode.
Notable Tracks: The Mirrors Of My Soul
Overall Rating: