Narcoleptic Youth “Chronological Disorder”

Album Reviews | Mar 3rd, 2005

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Record Label: Finger Records
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Snot nose punk rock that has been around in the scene for over 12 years or so. I’ve heard of their name before but never listened to the music. Seems like a pattern in these reviews huh? Come on, I’ll admit I’m not a professional and claim to know all. This band, to me, sounds like how punk was back in the 80’s and I like that a lot! The Cd is a mixture of new songs with rare b sides, and early material. There’s plenty of tracks on here too! If I had to compare Narcoleptic Youth to any bands, I’d compare them to The Business, Hugh Beaumont Experience, and Misfits and other bands from the 80’s. This was a good CD to listen to, and it makes me reminiscent of the past.

Bottom Line: Old school styled punk rock that’s got some dope ass songs yo!
Notable Tracks: “Barbi in Bondage” “86 the Crap” “Politically Incorrect”
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