Nerf Herder – “Rockingham”

Album Reviews | Mar 7th, 2016

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Record Label: Golfshirt Records
Genre: Pop Punk/Nerd Rock
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The geek rockers with the obvious Star Wars reference name are back with a new album about Ghostbusters, Dr. Who, comic book conventions and Weezer and a bunch of other nerdy topics that they sing about and play music to.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been eight years since Nerf Herder released an album and that “Rockingham” is only their fifth album in their twenty year career. I’m glad that they are back because “Rockingham” is one hell of an album and, in my mind, an instant classic. Within it, you have everything that made them adored by pop punkers and repressed nerds alike.

You can guess what most of their songs are about with obvious song titles like “Dr. Who”, “Ghostbusters 3”, “I’m The Droid (That You’re Looking For)”, “See You At The Con” and “We Opened For Weezer”…which sounds more like a Weezer song than anything that Weezer has released in fifteen years (and gives a shout out to the old Metropol in Pittsburgh!). Of course you have the bands snarky humor and witty songwriting, but you also know that they have a genuine love for the nerdy topics that they write about. “I’m The Droid (That You’re Looking For)” is comprised entirely of Star Wars quotes and was recorded at the famous Skywalker Ranch.

I was excited to get a new Nerf Herder album for review, but I didn’t expect it to be so damn good. After being away from the game for so long, I’m glad that someone hit the restart button and summoned Nerf Herder back to the table. Current fans of the band won’t be disappointed and, with the popularity of nerd-core and nerd rock bands today, it’s time that you checked out one of the original nerd rock bands who weren’t afraid to sing about Spock and Land of the Lost long before it was cool to do so.

Bottom Line: Don’t call it a comeback! Or if you do, call it one hell of a comeback. “Rockingham” lives true to its name by rocking you right in the hams…or whatever.
Notable Tracks: Portland, Ghostbusters 3, We Opened For Weezer, At The Con
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