New Town Kings – “M.O.J.O.”

Album Reviews | Nov 5th, 2011

Record Label: Bomber Music Ltd
Genre: Ska
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The New Town Kings were one of my favorite discoveries from a few years back. “Sound of the New Town” was the first album that I have heard of the NTKs and it was an album that stayed in heavy rotation on my music player for quite some time. “M.O.J.O.” or “Music of Jamaican Origin” is the bands’ follow up to “Sound of the New Town” and it doesn’t sound like the band has missed a bluebeat.

What I liked originally about the New Town Kings was that they didn’t try to play one particular style of ska music; they took influences from every era of the genre and melded them together to form their own sound. You could take a little bit of the English Beat and the Specials and mix it with the Trojan Records sound with a touch of neo-traditional ska found on a Slackers album. “M.O.J.O.” is true to all forms of Jamaican music as well. “String-A-Long” has a dancehall/rocksteady sound that hooks you with the mellow bass line and singing horns while “Brighter Days” brings out the soulful side of the New Town Kings. Songs like “Stop”, “Round & Round” and “New Town Hop” will surely have you on your feet and doing the two-step in no time.

Once again, I find myself in love with the sounds of the New Town Kings. “M.O.J.O” picks up where “Sound of the New Town” left off, but with a tighter sound and even more variety and musicianship than what we had previously seen from the band. I’m certainly glad that I’ve been able to follow the sonic adventures of this 10+ piece band from the UK. They’re wearing their influences on their sleeve and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bottom Line: “M.O.J.O” is the perfect mix of traditional and two-tone ska with a modern sound that equals one (followed by many more) listens.
Notable Tracks: String-A-Long, Games That People Play, Brighter Days, News Stand
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