New York Rel-X – “Sold Out of Love”

Album Reviews | Feb 15th, 2005

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Record Label: TKO Records
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New York Rel-X have been a band for over 5 years now and been touring the country, plus Europe. This album is their debut full length CD, although they’ve had a few EPs. New York Rel-X has female vocals and is a cross between The Donnas and Texas Terri Bomb. It seems fem-punk is making a comeback because I’m noticing more and more female fronted bands popping up. As I listen to this album, I really like the dual female vocals and reminds me of Dancehall Crashers a little. The songs are gritty, fast and have that old school CBGB rock sound to them. I think my favorite track is “Why” because I like the beat in the song. I really don’t know what else to say about the album. It’s not bad, actually it’s pretty damn good!

Bottom Line: You like Girls? You like punk rock? Well then, you’ll love New York Rel-X!
Notable Tracks: The One She Adores, No More Tears, Why
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