No Trigger “Canyoneer”

Album Reviews | Mar 21st, 2006

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Record Label: Nitro Records
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Leave it to Nitro Records to sign a band like No Trigger. The label owned by Dexter Holland just released “Canyoneer” on 03.21.06, an album sure to leave a mark on today’s real punk scene. Tracking their humble beginnings to a Massachusetts basement, No Trigger has been together for four years and has one previous album, an EP, “Extinction In Stereo ” under its belt.

“Canyoneer” sounds like street punk with obvious Boston hardcore undertones. With a sound similar to Lost City Angels’ “Broken World”, No Trigger is harder with a little more oomph. It will be well-received by punk and hardcore fans alike because of its gripping sound and old school feel. The songs gracing this record are catchy at first listen, and once the lyrics and the message hit, the songs are almost addicting. Songs like the 45 second masterpiece “You Said It” which confronts the degrading use of homophobic slang is the perfect hardcore influenced punk example (complete with gang vocals!). “More To Offer” is another powerful song that focuses on the gender inequality present in punk and hardcore. This message is sure to hit home to the scene, after all, it’s not just boy’s fun.

Canyoneer displays No Trigger’s energy and talent, the songs are almost brought to life and listening evokes the feeling of being at a live show. It displays once common catchy sing-a-longs and breakdowns that are unique to music these days. No Trigger has a number of dates scheduled nationally, they will also be featured on this summer’s Vans Warped Tour and shouldn’t be missed.

Bottom Line: The CD is amazing and sounds as if No Trigger would be flawless live. If you’ve had a hankering for a powerful punk CD that you can listen to in your car, check out Canyoneer, open the windows and crank up the volume.
Notable Tracks: Listening to Bust Tropical, You Said It and The Honshu Underground just once will get you hooked on this record..
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