No Use For A Name “Keep Them Confused”

Album Reviews | Nov 30th, 2005

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Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
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Um… I’m a big fan of these guys, but the album hasn’t hit me yet. Sure I like it, but I like the band. Stylistically, it isn’t much different from Hard Rock Bottom. Actually, its kind of wussier, or perhaps… more intense. Yeah, more intense. Most of the songs aren’t as fast as they should be. They have the same feel as Saddest Song, Room 19, and Insecurity Alert. Well, Bullets sounds like Invincible with more melodic vocals.

I will say this tho, it’s the first time I’ve heard No Use be blatantly political instead of just using subtle innuendos and metaphors. Of course they use those as well, but there’s actually a sound clip in there of our dear president. I’m finding it hard to give an honest opinion because I’m torn. I know that I will keep listening to it, and I will like it, but I was still expecting more.

Bottom Line: Good, but in a different way from their other albums…
Notable Tracks: Part Two, Check For a Pulse, Bullets, It’s Tragic, Overdue
Overall Rating: