Noelie McDonnell “Self-Titled”

Album Reviews | Mar 27th, 2005

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Record Label: Rafee Records
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I had the pleasure of seeing Noelie McDonnell open for the Saw Doctors in March in NYC. I enjoyed his set so much I bought this album, which I rarely do in this file-sharing age. Noelie McDonnell and his band performed these songs a lot faster than the album but I still like this album a lot. Noelie McDonnell is from Ireland and blends a mix of acoustic rock, folk and rock. If there is one singer that he reminds me of is Colin Hay of Men at Work. If you listen to Colin Hay’s acoustic, solo material and then listen to McDonnell; you will see the comparison. A perfect example of this comparison is listen to “Easy On Me.” Yeah Yeah I know what you’re saying, but Colin Hay is Australian! Yes I know, but imagine if he was Irish and then you have Noelie McDonnell.

The debut album opens up with “Stars,” which is filled with catchy choruses and harmonicas. It certainly makes you tap your feet or do whatever you do when you like something you hear. I like the mixture of upbeat acoustic rock songs, and slow songs. His voice is fitting for both but I prefer the upbeat tracks I guess. I thought the best track during their live set was “New York City,” and I think it’s one of the standout tracks off the album. The album is really a great Cd to listen to when you don’t want to listen to anything loud and just want to relax. If you want to listen to someone who’s gonna be more well-known in the future; check out this guy, you might just like what you hear! Listen to some tracks at his myspace page here:

Bottom Line: Up & coming Irish folk rocker who you’ll be hearing from a lot more!
Notable Tracks: Stars, Easy On Me, New York City, Marrakech, What Am I To Do, Walkin On
Overall Rating: