NOFX – “The Longest EP”

Album Reviews | Sep 6th, 2010

Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Genre: Punk Rock
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This certainly is the Longest EP ever! NOFX’s the Longest EP contains 30 tracks from the band’s extensive collection of EPs, 7”, singles, and other random songs that Fat Wreck Chords could fit on this album.

The Longest EP starts off with the band’s first EP PMRC Can Suck It and goes all the way to the band’s latest EP Cokie The Clown, which you can read my original review here ( This album is probably meant for people that only listen to NOFX a little bit, like myself. The hardcore fan of NOFX will already own all these EPs. It doesn’t really make sense to buy this if you already own the majority of these EPs. But some songs on here (“I Wanna Be An Alcoholic,” “13 Stitches Acoustic,” “Concerns of a GOP Neo-phyte,” “S&M Airlines Acoustic” and more) haven’t been released before or haven’t been on CD or released digitally.

There’s really not much else to say about the Longest EP. If you’re reading this review, you more than likely listen to NOFX and have already decided if you’re going to get this or not. As a casual NOFX fan, I enjoyed this compilation of EP songs because I haven’t heard some of these songs before.

Bottom Line: Great batch of NOFX songs from their EPs.
Notable Tracks: The Longest Line, Kill All the White Man, Jaw Knee Music, 13 Stitches Acoustic, Golden Boys, Straight Outta Massachusetts
Overall Rating:


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