NOFX – “Wolves in Wolves Clothing”

Album Reviews | Mar 21st, 2006

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Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
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A follow up to their last full length, The War on Errorism, it only seems appropriate that Wolves in Wolves Clothing is just as, if not more, political than the album released at the dawn of the 2004 election campaign. This latest album is not totally meant for Bush bashing, in fact his name is not even mentioned once. Oh, he’s heavily alluded to alright, just never directly mentioned. The album does take its share of direct shots at red states and republicans though, especially in “Leaving Jesusland” with the lines “‘no longer svelte, they gotta punch new holes in the Bible belt”. This song is pretty much a call to action for all forward-thinkers to migrate to either coast because “what makes this country great is dwelling on either side”.

The first song, “60%” starts off slowly, but quickly gains momentum which kicks the rest of the record into action. It is NOFX’s self proclaimed mission statement that reveals them for being much different from other bands who claim to ‘give it their all’ because NOFX, in fact are just giving it about 60%. Slacking off has worked for them so far, and their fans keep coming back for more so they must be doing something right. The final track, “60% Reprise” addresses catty bands who insult NOFX, “but still, other bands just love to hate us/ talking sh*t behind us but smiling to our face”. Fat Mike chalks it up to jealousy since his band does not “have management; we get to play loaded and only three months a year”. He then laments, “I suppose that’s how we’ll go out, played out and way after our time”. Hopefully, that won’t be for a long time, considering this album is proof that NOFX is still a strong and relevant band.

Wolves in Wolves Clothing also features “Seeing Double at The Triple Rock” and “Marxist Brothers” which were previously released merely a month before on their latest EP, Never Trust a Hippie. But Wolves in Wolves Clothing features sixteen other new unreleased tracks that are really worth checking out. It is also no doubt that NOFX will be featuring these songs in their live set as they grace the Warped Tour stage yet again this summer. With these new songs, their set is sure to be outstanding.

Although they can probably never top the perfection that is Punk in Drublic, Wolves in Wolves Clothing is evidence that NOFX can still write catchy satirical songs and their lyrical content continues to get stronger. With this album, they continue to challenge authority and encourage their fans to learn about what is wrong with America and how we have the opportunity to change things. The record is phenomenal and it is obvious that NOFX has not lost their touch of producing in your face punk albums.

Bottom Line: This album is purely amazing, NOFX never disappoint.
Notable Tracks: “Leaving Jesusland”, “The Marxist Brothers”, “We March to the Beat of Indifferent Drum”, “USA-holes”, and “Benny Got Blowed Up” (simply because it sounds oddly like “Jeff Wears Birkenstocks”
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