None More Black “This Is Satire”

Album Reviews | May 2nd, 2006

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Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
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None More Black’s previous full length album “File Under Black” had it’s moments and had some rockin’ songs on it. Seeing the band play those songs live made me like them even more. Judging from this album, it seems like they want to step it up a notch in terms of songwriting and maturing their sound. I’m surprised the band is even releasing this album since there has been a lot of lineup changes but singer Jason Shevchuk & bassist Paul Delaney still remain in the band. This is their first full length CD in almost three years! I guess it’s about time for them to release a new one huh?

The first song starts out fast & sounds good but then stays out it’s welcome. It just kind of trails off and they should have just ended the song at 2 minute mark. The second song is a better song and had me boppin’ my head back & forth. It seems poppier than what None More Black have done in the past. The whole album feels less punkier to me, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing you know? Some songs I don’t really like because it just seems kind of bland to me but there are others that have a great beat to them. I think None More Black’s “This Is Satire” starts out well but then starts to slow down towards the middle & end of the album. I guess there are sporadic songs that I like on the album. I just don’t like the slower tunes because it gets a little boring to me. I think their first album is their best to date still. Check out some songs on their myspace page to see if you like them.

Bottom Line: A Decent follow up to File Under Black.
Notable Tracks: Under My Feet, Zing Pong, With the Transit Coat On
Overall Rating: