On Our Own “Now and Forever”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Perfect Victim Records
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Straight up hardcore metal! Not this singing like wimp than scream crap that I hear so much these days. This is On Our Own’s debut Cd and they are Florida. The band plays fast hardcore, with cool breakdowns and sing alongs. The vocals are rough but he never ends up “singing” which is a good thing. Just scream your brains out and sound tough and that’s the kind of hardcore I like. A lot of the tracks are under 2 minutes so you know these songs are played fast and short. On Our Own do an excellent job with their debut Cd. Check out this CD and go see them live, I’m sure they put on a killer set.

Bottom Line: Kids will want to be tearing up shit on the dance floor listening to this!
Notable Tracks: “Absolute Contempt” “N20”
Overall Rating: