Orange “Escape From L.A”

Album Reviews | Oct 13th, 2007

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Record Label: Hellcat Records
Genre: Punk
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Orange are back with their sophomore release on Hellcat Records. I wasn’t really impressed with the last Orange album. It wasn’t bad or anything, it just didn’t leave an impression on me. I think the biggest problem I have with Orange is the vocals. The kid sounds like a snotty British Tim Armstrong. Joe Dexter isn’t British by the way. Who does the he think he is, Madonna?

Musically, Orange’s new album doesn’t break any new ground but it’s still a decent punk rock album. The band teeters on the street punk and California skate punk sounds. Orange’s influences include Sex Pistols, Rancid and Social Distortion. Another band Orange sounds like a lot is U.S. Bombs. So if you like a lot of those bands, you might like this new album from the band from L.A. (Not England!) I think Orange keeps getting better with each release but I strongly feel they need to create their own identity and sound to avoid being considered Rancid clones.

Bottom Line: A decent punk rock album but Orange sound like too many other bands I listen to.
Notable Tracks: What I’m Looking For, Too Scared To Fall In Love
Overall Rating: