Oranges Band – “Are Invisible”

Album Reviews | Sep 4th, 2009

Record Label: Morphius Records
Genre: Indie
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Not having been a fan of their Lookout! releases, I was nicely surprised to find that “Are Invisible” is an exceptionally smart, well-crafted indie-pop album.

Not exactly a theme album, it is somewhat a postcard to Baltimore’s alt-music heyday, with songs about or referencing venues and bands (at least that’s what I’ve read – I don’t know much about the mid-90s Baltimore music scene). The nostalgia isn’t too heavy-handed and the execution is upbeat, even if the vocals can have a bittersweet and weary quality. Very strong guitarwork also keeps their sound fresh.

Bottom Line: Band looking backwards though they’ve never sounded better.
Notable Tracks: One More Dog, Absolutely Instru(mental) – a surprisingly good 7-minute vocal-less track.
Overall Rating:


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