Original MindMelters “One Last Drink”

Album Reviews | Aug 17th, 2008

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Record Label: S/R
Genre: Bar Rock
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Dear OMM,

We, the Association of Record Stores of America, regret to inform you that your debut album ‘One Last Drink’ cannot be sold at our stores. We have, in the past had issue with artists who glorify gun culture, use suggestive language or adult themes, or perform music deemed inappropriate for the general public. However, none of these categories apply to you. We simply cannot stock your CD because, quite frankly, it’s terrible. We do not have genre categories for what you play, which is somewhere between mid-tempo sludge rock and actual sludge. Your singer seems to sound a lot like Oscar the Grouch, and to be safe, we want to make sure that today’s youth don’t think that Oscar would front a band this bad.

Perhaps certain measures can be taken to ensure that your next album will actually be listened to without people feeling ill. One suggestion might be to write songs that are even remotely interesting, and perhaps to try changing just about everything about the band. Another suggestion our organization might have is to just stop trying and get day jobs. Unfortunately we don’t have any positions within our ranks, but check back soon.

Best of luck trying to find an audience,


Bottom Line: Calling it terrible would be generous.
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