Pennywise “The Fuse”

Album Reviews | Jun 27th, 2005

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Record Label: Epitaph Records
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Pennywise are one of the many punk bands I love, so I was eagerly waiting for this new album . I really liked “From the Ashes,” their previous album on Epitaph, that came out in 2003. Though, some people I know, didn’t like that album at all for some reason. What do they know right? Haha. But I thought that CD had some of the catchiest, sharpest songs they ever wrote on that album. Yeah, there were a few mediocre tunes on there as well but what album doesn’t have that. Now, onto this album…First reactions of “The Fuse” were so-so, and I felt like it was just another Pennywise album. But listening to the album more and more has made me grown to like it a lot more. I still don’t think it’s as good as their previous CDs but I still think it’s top notch.

Even though it may sound like another Pennywise album, I really have no problem with that because that’s their sound! That’s the sound i’ve grown to love and make me listen to the band. Same thing can be said for Bad Religion, The Descendents and other punk bands that have stuck to their sound their whole careers. Gotta give credit to the band for playing in a punk band for 8 albums or so and not changing their sound to fit the latest fads of the music scene.

Pennywise sing about what pisses them off or what’s in the news lately. Even the media gets attacked this time and bravo, they should! I think my favorite track on the album is either “Closer” or “Yell Out!” Though, I really like the last track “Lies” a lot because it’s a different tempo than the other songs, so it stands out more. So that could be my favorite track, I don’t know haha. I think they should have done more slower type songs like that on the album because they do it well! “The Fuse” could have have been better in my mind but there still is a fair share of stand out songs, and fans should be please with the final result. Or maybe not, I don’t know, I don’t care. I liked it.

Bottom Line: This album is more From the Ashes than Full Circle. But Hey, that’s not bad
Notable Tracks: Knocked Down, Yell Out, Closer, Stand Up, Lies
Overall Rating: