Pennywise “Unknown Road (Remastered)”

Album Reviews | Jul 30th, 2004

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Record Label: Epitaph
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I’ll be honest, I haven’t really listened to Pennywise’s first two albums that much. Everything from “About Time” and on I love though. Not sure why I never listened to them, I just liked the songs on the other albums more. I can see why Epitaph remastered this CD and the album “Pennywise.” I’m glad they did that for those albums, because the quality wasn’t that great when they were originally released.. It wasn’t downright awful but it was good for the time it was released. I couldn’t find a standout track on “Unknown Road” but I’m sure others would disagree with me. Some could say this was a quintessential melodic hardcore punk album of the 90’s, but I just think Pennywise has put out better CDs than this. I think they’ve grown as a band with every album they release, and each new release tops the previous one. Their songs might sound similar or always sounding the same, but if Bad Religion can do it, why not Pennywise? You shouldn’t fix what’s not broken. Anyway, There are some good songs on Unknown Road, I just liked everything after this album a lot more. I can’t wait to hear their new album too!

Bottom Line: I like Pennywise’s later albums better
Notable Tracks: You Can Demand, Vices, Try to Conform
Overall Rating: