People – “The Cliché EP”

Album Reviews | Oct 26th, 2009

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Rock
Band Link:

LA’s People share that Darkness-like love for cheesy aspects of the 70s. There’s a David Bowie glam feel here, but also Rob Halford-like falsetto singing, chunky 70s rock chords, and a zippy upbeat that sounds more like disco than dance punk.

Oddly enough, it’s not terrible. For a gimmicky LA retro band, they’re not that sleazy or vapid. The disco beat is corny, but it channels more Blondie than Bee Gees. I wouldn’t play this in public, but there are certainly worse bands doing this retarded shtick on Sunset Boulevard.

Bottom Line: Perhaps the shallowness of LA breeds these ridiculous throwbacks, but at least this EP is catchy.
Notable Tracks: Cheap Money
Overall Rating:


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