Phone Trio “Brickwall”

Album Reviews | Nov 4th, 2007

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Record Label: Enemy #1 Records
Genre: Pop Punk
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Bands like Phone Trio make me wonder why I ever stopped listening to punk music. I mean, there are many reasons I did, and a lot of it had to do with emo taking over the world. But this Brazilian group plays super-catchy pop punk with great melodic hooks, perfectly fitting vocals, and a very simple, straightforward production. With six songs in under 20 minutes, it’s a fantastic introduction to a band that reminds me of all the best Fat Wreck bands I listened to ten years ago.

What made me love this disc right away was how poppy and catchy it was. In fact, it’s so unpunky in its delivery that I would say it’s more punk rock than every hair-dyed attendee of an AFI or My Chemical Romance concert. Sometimes punk music can be catchy and fun, and Phone Trio are a perfect example of a band that does it well.

Bottom Line: Amazingly catchy and enjoyable pop punk from Brazil.
Notable Tracks: Loves Me So Loves Me Not, Crystal Clear
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