Plain White T’s “Every Second Counts”

Album Reviews | Apr 2nd, 2007

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Record Label: Hollywood/Fearless Records
Genre: Pop Rock
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The first introduction to the Plain White T’s latest release, Every Second Counts for many, was probably the single “Hate (I Really Don’t Like You)”. This song probably served as a big turn off, leaving many to not even give the rest of the album a chance, but “Hate” is a really poor example of what the rest of the album has to offer. The song is too gimickey to be taken seriously, whereas other songs features on Every Second Counts have a bit more merit.

The album is comprised of poppy rock that might sound like it belongs in heavy rotation on Radio Disney, but some of the songs are not only catchy, but also rocking at heart. “Our Time Now” and “Come Back to Me” are fine examples of what is good about this album. They are both along the lines of radio-friendly pop rock and are essentially fun songs to listen to. “You And Me” and “Figure It Out” are good examples about what is not so good about this album. The songs don’t just boarder on cheesy, they are downright chedderific, and sound like kids playing in their first high school pop punk band. The entire album will, no doubt, appeal to high school aged kids, so maybe that isn’t such a bad thing afterall. “Making A Memory” is one of those tracks that belongs on the sound track of a teen movie, that will inevitably turn into a prom song once June rolls around. “Let Me Take You There” is another example of a slowdance song; it is slower and lame along the lines of “Hate”.

The pace of the album picks up again with “So Damn Clever” and “Tearin’ us Apart” which bring the rocking up a bit more. These songs, as well as with most featured on the album have an unfortunate quality of immaturity about them. Given more experience, the Plain White T’s have a shot at creating something more mature, and complex that will undoubtedly proove to be more appealing to a broader audience.

Bottom Line: This album doesn’t suck, but the Plain White T’s are just young and slightly generic.
Notable Tracks: “So Damn Celver” and “Our Time Now”
Overall Rating: