Planet Smashers “Unstoppable”

Album Reviews | Jul 5th, 2005

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The Mighty Planet Smashers are back with another super duper ska album for the rudeboy and rudegirls to skank to! I believe “Mighty” is their best album and one of the best ska albums to be released in the last 5-10 years! I’ve been anticipating this album and have some pretty high expectations for it. My expectations have been met and I’m glad!

The Planet Smashers still have that catchy, bouncy pop ska sound that everyone loves. Their first three songs are exactly what I was hoping for and certainly will get your feet moving. “Cool Your Jets” is a nice slow ditty, yes I said ditty! You got a problem with that eh? You’re not truly a ska band unless you’ve had a few songs singing about beer and Planet Smashers sing another one called “Raise Your Glass.” That track features the ska-core band Big D and the Kid’s Table singing on backup. “Raise Your Glass” serves as the first single on the album but I think the title track “Unstoppable” would have been a better choice. They are both catchy as hell though. Included on the CD, are two QuickTime videos for you to watch on your computer. First is a montage of the recording sessions, behind the scenes at shows and other crap; with the song “Blank Stare” playing over it. The next is a music video for “Raise Your Glass” and that one was fun to watch.

After ten years existing, the Planet Smashers are still rockin’ out and making incredible music! “Unstoppable” is a great album but not sure it’s as good as “Mighty.” I might have to listen to it a bit more to see where it stands with the other albums. It took a few listens to realize “Mighty” was an excellent album. Perhaps the songs will sound better when I hear them live. The album has a lot of awesome songs, some that are so-so among the mix but that’s to be expected. Certainly get this album when it’s released in the States; you Canadians can buy the album now.

Bottom Line: “Unstoppable” is a good album, but not as good as “Mighty.” Still worth getting though.
Notable Tracks: Unstoppable, Do No Wrong, Raise Your Glass, Here Comes the Mods, Bad Mood, This Song is For You
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