Porkers “Live at Nakanoshima”

Album Reviews | Nov 30th, 2005

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Record Label: Sound System
Genre: Ska
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Everyone’s favorite Australian Ska band are back with a long awaited Live
album, straight from Osaka Japan. 20 tracks of Pork goodness that so many have come to love over the years, including Big Backyard, Enter Porkman, Alcohol, and Skankin’ Carpark Blues. An album like this is great because, unfortunately, The Porkers hardly tour the states or even remotely close to the area. Last time The Porkers were in our neck of the woods was back in 1998 I believe. Hell, I even cut my beach vacation short to see these guys and they were well worth it.

It’s also refreshing and nice to see some bands stick to the Ska format and not jump ship for only a few years fame, if that. Recorded live at the Larks in the Park fest in Nakanoshima Osaka Japan back in May of 2004, ThePorkers are captured great and the sound comes through really nice. What would go nice after this record is a new full length from those porkman, but until that happens, also pick up their new EP which is going to be reviewed on the site soon.

Bottom Line: Excellent live record with many awesome songs that I absolutely love. Get it, it’s worth the shipping costs from down under.
Notable Tracks: Big Backyard, Enter Porkman, Deep Breath, Too Big For Your Boots, Chemical Imbalance
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