Portugal The Man “Church Mouth”

Album Reviews | Feb 26th, 2008

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Record Label: Fearless Records
Genre: Indie
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Who knew bands existed in Alaska? Portugal The Man is an indie band that’s on Fearless Records. I’m not sure Fearless Records have signed too many indie bands but this is the first one I’m really hearing. But from what I read, the band is no longer on Fearless. Portugal The Man sounds, well, like a mess. For the first few songs I thought the singer was female. The production of the album is inaudible and the music isn’t that great either. The only song I didn’t mind was “My Mind” and that was about it. The rest is forgettable and way too psychedelic for my tastes. If you’re pretentious, wear a blazer and converse shoes, this album might be for you.

Bottom Line: Boring indie music with bad production
Notable Tracks: My Mind
Overall Rating: