Propagandhi “Potemkin City Limits”

Album Reviews | Oct 18th, 2005

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Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
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After 4 years of anticipation, they finally release the next album; it was well worth the wait! This album is amazing! I didn’t care for it as much as Today’s Empires at first, but after every listen I liked it more, and more. 95 or so listens later, it is easily my favorite release of theirs.

They incorporated various styles on this album (the jazzy intro to Cut into the Earth stands out a lot). They did an amazing job with the arrangement, everything fits perfectly, there is always something going on, yet it isn’t even close to being overbearing. It’s a lot more melodic compared to TETA, but they still keep it fairly Thrashy. The guitar work is great, a lot of memorable riffs, but not just hooks, most of them you don’t even realize how good they are till the 3rd time through. The vocals are great; Chris and “The Rod” definitely put a lot into it. I think the drumming is Jord’s best work to date as well, some great fills, doesn’t overshadow the bass, guitar, or vocals when they are the foreground, yet he never really takes the background. Now the absolute best part of this album is the lyrics. They still bring the points they want to talk about balls out, but it seems a lot less vicious; save for Rock for Sustainable Capitalism. Fat Mike, Vans Warped Tour, etc all get it hard in that one.

Bottom Line: This is easily their best release to date, and will probably be my number 1 Punk album of 2005. Any fan of TETA, or bands that actually have something intelligent to say should pick this up as soon as possible!
Notable Tracks: A Speculative Fiction, Fixed Frequencies, Fedalliah’s Hearse, Cut into the Earth, Bringer of Greater Things, Die Jugend Marschiert, Rock for Sustainable Capitalism, Impending Halfhead, Life at Disconnect, Name and Address Witheld, Iteration (Superbowl Patriot XXXVI is the only track that falls a little short on the album)
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