Rasputin “Atomic Youth”

Album Reviews | Jan 1st, 2007

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Rasputin hail from that tiny island in the Pacific Ocean called Japan. Ever hear of it? I didn’t think so.

“Atomic Youth” is a half album and in punk terms, that’s not very much to listen to. The CD contains 7 songs and clocks in at about 16 minutes. As far as I know, this is the only material released by Rasputin to date. Rasputin is a very listenable band. Unlike many Japanese “anything” bands, they have a strong grasp on English and I would not be able to tell they were Japanese if not for the pictures in the CD book. The lyrics make sense to boot! I’m not trying to stereotype things here, but if you’re a Japanese band and you don’t speak much English and you’re planning on releasing an album in America or the U.K., just do the damn thing in Japanese rather than grate my ears with you struggling to sing the lyrics in English. That doesn’t make for good money spent. Thank you.

Back to the review at hand… Right off the bat, Rasputin draws comparisons in sound to early Green Day stuff or anything Screeching Weasel. That continues on for the next sixteen minutes with not much variation. Rasputin would fit in great on Kung Fu records. The songs aren’t really that bland, it’s just basic punk rock I suppose. One song after another with no idea exactly which song you’re on. There’s nothing really wrong with that. Other than everyone has heard that formula a thousand times over. Not a bad listen though.

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Notable Tracks: Punkaholic, Goodbye, Atomic Youth
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