Red Channels “S/T”

Album Reviews | Jul 4th, 2008

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Record Label: SilverGirlRecords
Genre: Indie/Goth
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I had trouble listening to this as an indie album – the hushed female vocals seemed forced, the echo effects were annoying, and the downtempo music accompaniment was too dark and repetitive.

A few days later, it struck me that they reminded me of Siouxie & the Banshees, and framing them as a goth band seemed to make a lot more sense. I went back to the CD, and sure enough, it was awesome. I was now able to appreciate the cool, dark rhythms of “Now Playing”, the creepy Casio effects of “It Was All Static” and the minor key melodies and the Middle Eastern-sounding scales that permeate the album.

Some of the slower songs that incorporate creepy synths (“Amer”, “Cicadas”) sound like a slightly more indie Switchblade Symphony. Indie fans would probably roll their eyes, but Red Channels is a modern goth winner.

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