Rediscover “Call Me When You Get This EP”

Album Reviews | Dec 2nd, 2007

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Record Label: East West Records
Genre: Synth Punk/Pop
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There’s something about Rediscover’s sound that irritates me to no end. It might be the constantly vocorder-sounding vocals or the electro-drums, but I think it’s more than that. Both of those sounds are a refreshing change to the punky pop that the band play. I think the problem is the songs are just so bland and generic; the same old emoish mall punk, just with a distorted and modified vocal sound. The fuzzy guitars also just sound so boring and dead. The only thing I really like about this band is that they occasionally do these electro freakouts with heavy bass pedal and synth. But that’s in between all of the lame verses and choruses in the songs. I feel like they should just take their music into new directions and do something more new-wavey. Or just write less crappy songs.

But as a sidenote, I do give the band props for offering the entire EP available for download on their website. It’s a step in the right direction to get noticed.

Bottom Line: Could have been great, but instead mediocre synth punk with shitty songwriting.
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