Reel Big Fish “We’re Not Happy Til You’re Not Happy”

Album Reviews | Apr 5th, 2005

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I didn’t even know they were still together. I thought Aaron was doing Forces of Evil but I guess that’s just a side thing. Oh well. So I guess this is their new album and it’s filled with the usual poke at self humor. The first two songs are the best tracks on the album and then it’s a mixed bag after that.

The song “Don’t Start A Band” is pretty funny. I crack up listening to the lyrics. The band covers Morrissey’s “We Hate it when Our Friends Become Successful” and it’s a fitting song for them to cover. They also do a reggae-ish version of Social D’s “Story of my Life.” I don’t know why bands use that stupid distorted vocal effect thing but Reel Big Fish use it plenty on this album. STOP IT! That effect is lame! Also, I wished they played their music faster on this album. They seemed to slow it down and it makes the music somewhat chaotic. I think they sound the best when doing fast ska punk songs. Just my opinion anyway.

Overall, there are plenty of songs to love or hate on this album. There are a few that suck but I liked most of the album. I still feel “Turn The Radio Off” is their strongest album. The songs on there are sharp, catchy and some of the best ska punk songs I’ve heard in the 90s…believe it or not.

Bottom Line: I still think “Turn the Radio Off” is the best.
Notable Tracks: The Fire, Drinkin, We hate it when our friend’s become successful, Don’t Start A Band
Overall Rating: