Reflected “Paradise Found”

Album Reviews | Aug 23rd, 2008

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Record Label: World Records
Genre: Emo/Metal
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The first track, “Gravity Off”, is very promising. Reflected incorporate metal better than any other young punk band on the tune – the instrumentation reflects (ha!) all that is good about 80s metal. The only worry on that track is how close to the cliff given the boyish emo vocals. Still, it’s a good tune and I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

On the next track, they go over the cliff in awful, inglorious fashion. For the rest of the album, the metal – which is the only thing that made them interesting – is gone or minimized. And the cheesed-out, fucking horrible emo is in. They are so lame and corny, they even have multi-emo vocal harmonies. It’s like emo doo-wop and it will make you vomit.

As a Mets fan and purveyor of tranny porn, I’m used to disappointment, but Reflected could have potentially done something good with emo, but they totally blew it. Unlike my tranny porn, these guys have no balls.

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