The Resistance – “Revenge on the Riverside”

Album Reviews | May 3rd, 2005

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Record Label: Union Label Group
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Female-fronted Canadian punk band with their Union Label debut. With raw, aggressive energy, The Resistance remind somewhat of AFI, but with a female
singer. “Revenge on the Riverside” is 11 tracks of guitar pouncing riffs filled with ‘lung wrenching’ vocals and melodic songs that, at points, are dark and tough. Produced by Blair Calibaba (Sum 41, Propaghandi) and Steve
Rawles, the band’s sound comes across great. Though, the band is relatively
unknown in the states, those hosers in Canada call The Resistance “one of the best live bands in Canada.” If they want to be in the public eye more often with shows, I recommend losing the “I just got punched” eyeliner look. You’re a guy. Don’t wear makeup!

Bottom Line: Great start for The Resistance on Union, with many more albums to come I hope. Curious to see if they change over the years. The vocals occasionally grate on me though.
Notable Tracks: The Devils Eye, Poison Arrows, Dollhouse
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