Ripcordz “Are Go!”

Album Reviews | Jul 5th, 2008

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Record Label: Mayday/Union Label
Genre: Punk
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The re-release of their 1988 debut, which none of us have because it’s been unavailable for a million years.

Not sure why it took so long to re-release – this is a brilliant 80s straight-up punk album, packed with distortion, rock n’ roll swagger, gravelly vox, fantastic bass, and crazy catchy hooks. If you’re impressed with the Ripcordz, you have to check out their earlier sound. Very cool.

My faves: “Break It Out”, the ballady “Second Chance”, “Circular Motion” and “All Over You”. Also comes with 6 surprisingly good bonus tracks (early versions and unreleased demos), but the original 14-track album alone is worth the cost. Just a warning – I recommend this to all punk fans, but if you don’t like painfully rough, constipated vocals, stay away.

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