Rise Against “The Sufferer and the Witness”

Album Reviews | Jul 4th, 2006

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I thought Rise Against’s previous album “Siren Song of the Counter Culture” was fantastic! It was catchy, but they kept to the melodic hardcore sound they have been doing from the start. “Revolutions Per Minute” was also great and had a lot of memorable songs on it! That’s the album that got me into the band. It took awhile to like Rise Against though, because I get close-minded with new music. So after a few listens & seeing the band live; then I became a fan. This new album debuted at number 10 on the Billboards so it’s already a huge success. It doesn’t surprise me that this band is succeeding on the mainstream circuit. They seem like the type of band to appeal to both the punk/hardcore scene as well as the teeny boppers at Hot Topic. You know a band has hit it’s mark when little 10 years are wearing shirts of the band in the mall.

The album opens up with a sound clip of someone saying “This is noise” and then “Chamber the Cartridge” starts. The album seems to pick off right where “Siren Song” has left off. “Injection” is a catchy, fast rockin’ good song in the same vein as “Give It All.” I can see this being a single for the album instead of the next track. “Ready To Fall” definitely seems more radio-friendly though. The song isn’t as fast as the others but it’s still a decent track. I like the chorus a lot and i’m sure it will get the kids screaming at their shows. The more I listen to the album, I’m liking it more and more. The first time I heard this album, I thought it was too soft or mainstream (if that’s the right word to use). I especially didn’t care for the track “The Approaching Curve.” I just hate when bands talk over a song the whole time, and then chorus seems too pop for my taste. Thankfully, the next song is great and that tune is called “Worth Dying For.” I like the song because it’s fast, plus it demonstrates Tim’s vocal range. Look at me getting all technical, you’d think I was a real critic or something! Anyway, like with their previous albums, there is a slow song towards the end of the CD. This time it’s “Roadside,” and it has some nice string instruments in it along with a female vocalist backing Tim up. Not sure who’s singing since I can’t read anything on the liner notes. Damn script fonts! But “Roadside” is a good song, just not something I want to listen to on a normal basis. I’d listen to it when I get depressed but then I’d be emo and I wouldn’t want to do that. The band ends the album strong with “Survive,” which has some rapid guitar playing and more melodic choruses. After hearing this album a few times, I like it more than my initial listen. There are a few softer & poppier rock songs on here but I think the band did a good job following up “Siren Song of the Counter Culture.”

Bottom Line: Not as good as “Siren Songs..” but it’s still a great album!
Notable Tracks: Chamber the Cartridge, Injection, Under The Knife, Prayer of Refugee, Worth Dying For
Overall Rating: