Rob Zombie “Educated Horses”

Album Reviews | Mar 28th, 2006

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Record Label: Geffen Records
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Typical zombie – untypical ‘softness’.
As an advocate for Rob Zombie and a big fan of him and his music, I was anticipating a harder, less melodic album. But I guess songs do need to be somewhat melodic. Most would agree with me that Hellbilly Deluxe was his best to date. Some including myself like the older White Zombie work. I was really looking for him to get back to those roots. Hence we have Educated Horses. Its definitely a more mature album musically and lyrically. The guy is a certified genius and this is really the first album I feel where he’s expressed his intellect. The lyrics are more understandable for first time listeners and the music still has its dark overtones, but less synth-like, more instrumental and we’ll probably hear some tracks on local hard rock stations.

I like when Zombie releases new albums and after a few listens I’m sure I’ll be singing, after a few hard-core cigars so I can actually imitate the sound of a cheese grater being dragged up through my esophagus. This album has some good tunes and it feels like he wrote it and produced it his way. No influence from the label or media to change the sound to be more main-stream. Of course we have a few musical interludes to break up the full-length tracks. Ride is a decent tune, as is Foxy-foxy. Let it all bleed out is more like classic Zombie – similar to Demonoid Phenomenon at least to this reviewer. The Devil’s Rejects appears on this disc as well – from the movie as it doesn’t appear on the actual soundtrack but that’s another review.

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Notable Tracks: Let it all bleed out
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