Rockfour “Memories Of The Never Happened”

Album Reviews | Nov 11th, 2007

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Record Label: Cooking Vinyl USA
Genre: Psych Pop
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Hailing from Israel, Rockfour mash up the indulgent psych-prog of King Crimson and early Pink Floyd with Beatles pop. It’s a remarkable blending of the two sides of 60s British rock, and it sounds great. Most songs, like “Half & Half” and “No Worries” have the cheerful vocals, group harmonies, and rhythms of the Beatles, but are overlaid with the reverb and drone of psych rock, the complexity of prog, and even elements of acid lounge.

I mean, sure the Beatles got psychedelic, but Rockfour play up the musical headtrip while retaining the brightness and pop sensibility of the Fab Four. The sound is “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” but the songfulness and structure is “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

This is unabashedly retro and more than a little hippyish, but there’s a modern sophistication to it that should appeal to fans of 60s prog, along with 90s Britpop and today’s psych-indie.

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Notable Tracks: Because of Damaging Words, Goes Around
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