Roy Budd – “Get Carter”

Album Reviews | Sep 10th, 2010

Record Label: Silva Screen Records
Genre: Film Score

Roy Budd was a famous British Jazz musician and film composer. Get Carter, the original film from the 70s starring Michael Caine is Budd’s best known work. Performing Jazz from a very early age, Roy Budd incorporated his style into the film, like the intro music with Carter on the train. The music definitely has that 70s jazz vibe to it, and any film score enthusiast will want to check this out.

The soundtrack is composed of Roy Budd’s score, along with music from the film and performed by Roy Budd and two other Jazz musicians Chris Karan and Jeff Clyne. The score features a lot of jazz piano work, in which Budd is famous for along with lots of percussion and really was proper music for a film like this during that time. Considered a film classic, Get Carter also was Roy Budd’s best work. This newly released soundtrack features plenty of dialogue, usually every other track from the score and music. If you prefer a straight forward soundtrack with just cues from the film and songs, than you might get annoyed by this.

Bottom Line: A classic film with a score done by a well known Jazz musician prove to be a winning combination.
Notable Tracks: Main Theme, Goodbye Eric!, Livin’ Should be This Way


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