Ruder Than You “Philly Stylee”

Album Reviews | Dec 7th, 2006

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Record Label: GOD’s Ghetto Records
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With a long hiatus, lead singer Freddie Weaver incarcerated, and the downfall of Ska, Ruder Than You are back with a third installment “Philly Stylee.” Recorded in between 1996- 1999, the final mix was finished in 2004, and here you have one of the best Ruder Than You records to date. 10 tracks of fun, jamming Philly Ska with duel vocals by Freddie “3D” Weaver and Tenor Sax/Vocalist Doug Dubrosky, is nice to hear and refreshing in a music scene full of dopes that have dumb haircuts and sing like wieners. Getting the record done was a huge ordeal, mixed in with tragedy, by losing Saxophonist Trish Johnson to a car accident in 1998. If you are missing Ska & Ska that makes you jump up and down, skank, whatever… Than why wait, go and get the newest Ruder Than You record.

Bottom Line: Long hiatus, but RTY are back in full form and look forward to hearing more from them for a long time.
Notable Tracks: On A String, Offer You Can’t Refuse, Reggae Rub-A-Dub, Taxman, Cool For Cats
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