Rule 22/She Likes Todd “Lifestyles Of The Poor And Fameless (Split)”

Album Reviews | Dec 15th, 2007

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Record Label: S/R
Genre: Punk
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You know, I have a rule 22. It’s that any ska-punk band with a number after their name is going to suck. I’m glad to see that Rule 22 follows rule 22. Not that they’re awful or inept, mind you, but they’re pedestrian and a little too colicky. And the “ska” stuff is really just some quick guitar upstrokes during breakdowns and the occasional “hup-hup.” You’re better off picking up old Suicide Machines.

She Likes Todd might have an even stupider name, but they’re easier to listen to. Straight-up fast punk rock with some solid musicianship, particularly excellent basswork and drumming. Even the vox are good – very normal-sounding and on-key. They just need to write more interesting songs, because this shit ain’t catchy or memorable.

Winner of the split: She Likes Todd. But they need a shot of creativity.

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