The Sainte Catherines – “Dancing For Decadence”

Album Reviews | Mar 21st, 2006

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Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
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The Sainte Catherines are the first Fat Wreck band from Quebec. I guess the band had to really make an impact on Fat Wreck to sign them to their label. The French Canucks have had a few albums & EPs out and “Dancing For Decadence” is their third full-length album to date. The band mixes punk rock, hardcore & metal and the final result is a gritty punk rock sound. The vocals are rough & raw, as well as their three guitar sound. The band actually sounds a lot like The Lawrence Arms, and the vocalist Hugo sounds like Brendan. I thought it was him who guest sang on a track and then realized it wasn’t him.

I really can’t pick out any stand out tracks because the songs sound similar to me. But maybe if I had to pick a song, it would be the 2nd track, “Ring of Fire= 4 Points.” I think that might be their single on the album and it’s a rockin’ tune. Each song has a lot of intensity and energy to it and that’s always cool to hear. I bet these guys are amazing live. Each time I listen to this album, I like it more and more. My first impression was, “ugh not the same old melodic hardcore punk band. ” Many of you might feel that way too but I think the band will rise above the other bands that have this sort of sound. If you are a fan of Lawrence Arms, Rise Against and None More black, you’ll appreciate The Sainte Catherines.

Bottom Line: A gritty good punk rock album.
Notable Tracks: Ring of Fire = 4 Points, Get Your Politics At Of My Hair, Emo-Ti-cons: Punk Rock Experts
Overall Rating: