Saosin “Saosin”

Album Reviews | Sep 26th, 2006

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Record Label: Capitol
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Following a co-headlining tour with Anberlin, and being added to the final dates of the Van’s Warped Tour, Saosin began working on their debut EP for Capitol Records. The self-titled record displays the varying style of this five piece band from Orange County, CA with new vocals from singer Cover Reber. While is is not a bad album, Saosin currently has a minimal buzz around them, which can easily be either silenced or amplified, depending on the reception of their latest EP.

Overall, “Saosin” (the album) starts off much stronger than where it ends up, somewhere in acousticland, devoid of all rocking potential. Despite the singing being a touch too soft for the music, and the double vocals sounding all too familiar, the first two tracks, “Bury Your Head” and “I Wanna Hear Another Fast Song” are strong rock songs; donning evident hardcore influence heard on the latter. Saosin chose a strong way to start off their album, the first two songs are decent and give the album as a whole a great deal of potential, sadly it is all downhill from there. “New Angel”, the song to follow is more of your token run of the mill screamo, which becomes the more dominant sound for the album as a whole. The 6 song EP quickly goes from not-so-bad to not-so-good. To complete the digression, the album ends with “Bury Your Head (Acoustic)”,an acoustic version of the first track which sounds totally different from the rock album you thought you were listening to a mere twenty minutes ago.

Bottom Line: Hopefully Saosin will see the error in their ways and will bring out more of the rock that is displayed on the first couple of tracks, and cut out the crap to follow.
Notable Tracks: I Wanna Hear Another Fast Song” gives the EP a whole lot of potential to be half-way decent, “Bury Your Head (Acoustic)” shoots down this potential and proceeds to beat it to a pulp.
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