Sassy!!! – “Diggin’ Deep”

Album Reviews | Aug 27th, 2011

Record Label: Good Trouble Records
Genre: Pop Punk
Band Link:

This two-piece (featuring a member of Fabulous Disaster) plays shaky pop punk with a (sassy?) 60s girl group swagger that doesn’t quite gel.

One vocalist is abrasive and glammy, the other sweeter, but the differences in tone make for an awkward harmonic pairing. I do give them credit for coming up with interesting vocal lines and harmonies, but I can’t get over my dislike for the out-of-tune quality of the vocals themselves.

Songs with simple Ramonesy riffing, like “She’s a Liar,” “It Hurts” and “Something About You,” are fun and enjoyable. Forays into other styles, like the midtempo rocker “Wild Summer” and rockabilly-ish “Devil’s Dance” and “Don’t Wantcha” aren’t as successful.

Duos are impressive in theory but frequently fall flat in execution. Maybe additional members would smooth out their sound.

Bottom Line: Solidly average punk in need of autotune.
Notable Tracks: She’s A Liar, It Hurts
Overall Rating:


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