Scarred, The “No Solution”

Album Reviews | Nov 24th, 2007

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Record Label: Punk Core Records
Genre: Punk
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Wooo! Finally, some punk rock! Jeez, you’d think punk labels would release PUNK. But no – everything coming out of all the big “punk” labels are massive, chunky logs of fetid shit, encrusted with emo giblets like so many pieces of undigested corn.

Thankfully, Punkcore is still around, hanging out on the sidelines and continually releasing some real punk rock. Of course, it’s not all great punk rock, but I will take what I can get. What I would’ve shrugged off as derivative and mindless 5 years ago I now consider the last hope for a dying breed.

So, no, Scarred aren’t revolutionary, but they play the punk rock, and it’s nice and fun and fast and snotty and street punky and mohawky and angry and simplistic and silly and ’77-Brit-stylee and guitary and drummy and that’s all I ever want. And what the hell – these guys ARE good, with great midtempo background vox chorus parts. Check out “Bastards,” “Repression,” the super melodic “Rotting,” and the awesome stripped-down rocker “Drone.”

You know what, forget everything I said. Even if there were other punk bands out there today, these guys would still stand out. The more I listen to this album, and the drunker I get while listening to it, the more I realize it kicks my ass so hard, I can taste my own intestines. I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH THE PUNK ROCK!!! Whee, I’m drunk!

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