Schoolyard Heroes “Abominations”

Album Reviews | Nov 3rd, 2007

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Record Label: Stolent Transmission
Genre: Nu-Metal
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This band is interesting. I’m not sure if I like them, but they’re certainly different.

They do the post-punk thing with some noisy, chaotic parts, along with some speedy, precision metal. That’s nothing new and, in fact, they might even be closer to nu-metal. Either way, Schoolyard Heroes isn’t musically exceptional, but they are differentiated by their singer. The female vox are big and overdramatic, almost showtune-ish — it’s an interesting juxtaposition. The Broadway-like vox over the heavy music gives them a sexily gothic feel.

Synergy is when a sum is greater than its parts. I certainly don’t love generic post-punk or brash female vox, but the combination kept me listening. So… points for that.

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